Dental Impant vs Denture

Dental implant vs denture, Today we are talking about it, which is a very common treatment people do when they missing a tooth. When you need to replace one or more missing teeth, you have a few options, to make a better choice we will explain about dental implant vs denture by compare it.

It sure is uncomfortable to lose your teeth and it is hard to go on with your day without them. Well, we heard it a lot from our patients who came to us and considered these two options.

Dental implant vs denture: What are the differences between these two?

Dentures and implants ultimately serve the same purposes. They:

  • Help you chew foods you might otherwise not be able to eat
  • Support facial muscles
  • Improve speech
  • Increase self-esteem and reduce self-consciousness by giving you a nice smile

However, there are also significant differences between the two dental solutions. Here are some pros and cons for each approach that should be considered before you make a decision.

Dental implant vs denture: Procedure, Pro and Cons 

Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants surgery requires enough bone in which to place screw-like implants that are capped with crowns. They have become increasingly popular

A dental implant is made by first extracting a damaged root. Once the root is gone, or if the root had been removed previously, a hole is drilled into the jawbone.

A metal prosthetic root, called a post, is implanted deep into the bone. The top of the post will be fitted with a crown, but not until bone has started to grow around the post, securing it in place.

It can take some time until the post is ready to receive an abutment, the piece to which the crown will be fitted. Sometimes the abutment is placed when the post is implanted.

The final step is to have a crown.. an artificial tooth made to match surrounding teeth, attached to the abutment.

Dentures Procedure

Dentures are removable, prosthetic teeth that can be fitted for your mouth regardless of how much bone is present.

Dentures can be complete sets to replace all the teeth on the upper or lower jaws or be made to replace a few missing teeth. These are called partial dentures.

Dentures are made by first taking an impression of the upper or lower gums or both if dentures are needed to replace all of the teeth.

Before the dentures are made, your dentist will also study your bite and the alignment of your upper and lower jaws to make sure the length of the dentures will allow for optimal chewing and speech.

A preliminary set of dentures are then made and dentures will be placed in your mouth. Any needed adjustments to the alignment or length of the teeth are made before a final set of dentures is produced.

Dentures are made to look like natural teeth and gums, and are held in place with a special type of adhesive that bonds them to your gums. Dental implant vs denture. Wondering which is the best suits you? We explained further here..