Implants vs Denture

Implant VS Denture: Which one should you go for? 

Implant and denture have very different procedures. So, whichever your decision will be, it will greatly impact your future.

A lot of people would actually think twice when they know how invasive dental implants are. But, the truth about dental implants is, you’ll not feel a thing.  

When you’re trying to make a decision about your dental future and don’t know whether you should go for an implant or denture, consider these following factors might help.. 

  • Age

Because dental implants are more permanent solutions, those in their 60s or younger may want to choose implants, as they can expect to enjoy a few decades of use out of their prosthetic teeth.

Older adults, especially those who don’t wish to go through the more invasive procedures involved with implants, may prefer dentures.

  • Bone density

Dental implants surgery requires a certain amount of jawbone material in order to support the posts. If you have lost bone material, either through injury, age, gum disease, or tooth loss, you may not be a good candidate for implants.

Dental bone grafting can be done to bolster jawbone density, but it’s a more expensive and involved process.

  • Function and feel

Dental implants procedure may provide a preferable comfort level and better chewing than dentures.

We found that patients who had implants reported more satisfaction with the comfort and chewing efficiency compared to having conventional dentures.

  • Hygiene

If you’re unable or unlikely to take the time to care for your dentures effectively, you should consider implants, which taking care of it is just the same as the normal oral care routine.

It’s important that you be honest about your willingness and ability to provide daily care for your dentures.

So, which one do you think suits you better? Don’t worry if you still can not make up your mind. A consultation session with our highly skilled dentist will greatly help you make these hard decisions based on your current oral situation.