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One of the top dental clinic in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Currently, we have 15 dental clinics operating and we are expanding more each year across Malaysia.

MEDINI DENTAL GROUP SDN. BHD. is a company wholly owned by entrepreneurs Bumiputera and established on 18th May 2014. The company was established to manage and administer a network of dental clinics either through direct ownership or through partnership. At this moment, the company manages a network of 15 dental clinics and 12 of it is located around Johor Bahru.

There were a research stated that 9 over 10 people are having dental problem here in Malaysia without them actually know it. Have you experienced any of these?




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It’s perfectly normal to have fears, especially for children. Some fears come stem from drastic changes, being separated from their parents, or even the scary monster in the closet. Although many kids will grow out of their fear as they mature, teaching them to cope while they’re young can sometimes be difficult.

Dental Education : A Need of Society

Dental education is lacking in society to the point that only 74.1% of adults are estimated to visit the dentist as often as they should. Frequent dental checkups and diligent oral care are essential for healthy living. Dentists need to raise awareness in society to promote action in those who are not taking dental hygiene seriously.

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